Quantifying the relationship between time spent on platform and attention time to advertising

When it comes to all-important ad attention, premium video (combined BVOD and short-form video) outperforms YouTube and social video (Facebook and Instagram).

For every hour of time spent on different platforms, the amount of ad exposure and ad attention varies significantly between the platforms. To achieve the same amount of ad attention – social video and YouTube need significantly greater time on platform compared with premium video.

Time spent on platform is not a good measure for selecting media channels – choose media platforms that give your ads the best chance of being seen, by focussing on ad attention instead of time spent.

  • On Premium Video ad attention lasts an average of 5 minutes per hour.
  • On YouTube ad attention lasts an average of only 1min 54secs per hour.
  • On social video ad attention lasts an average of just 12 seconds per hour.

Every hour of time spent with premium video provides 2.6X more ad attention than YouTube and 25X more ad attention than social video.

This new research serves to challenge agencies and advertisers who are using a time spent metric to evaluate and plan reach.

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