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Our philosophy is grounded in a toolbox approach to media research. We are able to assess ALL media platforms using the most comprehensive set of tools that test all significant biological measures. Identifying the right research questions, tested on the right platforms, measured with the right tools answers our client’s questions and challenges. Unlike much of the industry, we don’t just apply a uniform method across the board, we instead find the right measurements to precisely gauge the effectiveness of our clients’ messaging objectives.

It’s important for measurement to be done at a highly granular level – so that data can be aligned to the manner in which consumers experience content at the second-by-second level. And, of course, where possible, it’s best to facilitate such research in a controlled environment where variables can be isolated to better understand their effects. In this way, by drawing on the power of the scientific method, we not only know what impact content has; but more importantly… we understand the why.

MediaScience uses an array of instruments and platforms to measure the attention, engagement, intensity of emotion, and memory of audiences while they view media.
testing environments
We identify which lab environment would provide the most natural viewing experience to conduct the experiment.
research labs
MediaScience’s state-of-the-art labs are meticulously designed to meet the needs of the rapidly changing media landscape, utilizing the best in experimental research and technology.
marketing research toolbox
Ad Insertion, Social Media or OTT Environments, New Ad Formats
in home testing
In-home experiment platform, StreamPulse, and the ability to measure in the field.
toolbox research
HARK Connect enables seamless focus group remote viewing and live streaming with powerful features.