MediaScience’s state-of-the-art labs are meticulously designed to meet the needs of the rapidly changing media landscape, utilizing the best in experimental research and technology. Labs are housed in areas with demographically diverse populations, top-tier universities, public transit systems, & major airports.



10 min from Downtown Austin

Our Austin, Texas facility is where it all started in 2008. It is located 10 minutes from downtown and serves as the headquarters for MediaScience. Austin is equipped with 28 NeuroQube stations, 4 simulated living rooms, a state-of-the art control room and viewing room, and conference room. In addition to data collection, the Austin facility is home to our senior research team, programmers, coders, and operations staff.

  • 5,400 Sq Ft private facility
  • 28 NeuroQube® data collection stations
  • 4 single-viewer living rooms
  • Focus Group Room
  • State-of-the-Art Control Room


2 Blocks from Millenium Park

Chicago is our largest facility. It is located right in the loop area. This lab is equipped with 42 NeuroQube stations, 4 simulated living rooms, 2 focus group rooms, and 1 simulated studio apartment. Chicago also has a state-of-the-art client viewing suite which is also used to host events.

The MediaScience Chicago lab is the largest and most advanced media research facility in the world. Don’t believe us? We’d love to have you in for a tour!

  • 12,000 Sq Ft private facility in the heart of Chicago
  • 43 NeuroQube® data collection stations
  • 4 single-viewer living rooms
  • 1 full-size family room / studio apartment
  • 2 NeuroPoll® Enhanced Focus Group Rooms
  • State-of-the-Art showcase Client Zone


6 min walk from Time Square

Our New York lab shares the same capabilities as our other facilities at a lower scale. The New York facility was built for client service purposes and small amounts of data collection.

At the New York facility, you can demo your entire study before it goes into field and also observe all of the sessions that go on in Austin and Chicago.

  • 2,000 Sq Ft private facility in Times Square
  • 6 NeuroQube® data collection stations
  • 1 Multi-viewer living room
  • 1 NeuroPoll® Enhanced Focus Group RoomPrivate client viewing suite with the capability of viewing activity from the other labs.

While we’ve long conducted studies overseas, these usually required our ‘pop up’ labs (capitalizing on our portable NeuroQube®). But with the growth of our UK and Australian businesses, we’ve now opened labs in these countries.

This brings the benefits of MediaScience’s advanced neuro measures (including EEG, Galvanic Skin Response, Heart Rate, Facial Coding, Eye Tracking, and Response Latency testing) to these markets and to clients which need global studies in English.

This is supplemented by our StreamPulse in-home panel, which includes our MediaScience+ OTT channel and our in-home mobile and desktop platforms. And all of these in-home capabilities can now include in-home neurometrics – which can be deployed in almost any country worldwide.

Our London lab is located in the center of London – on world-famous Oxford Street – and our Perth lab is located in prestigious Applecross.


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