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The Mirror Review – Phillip Lomax: Pivoting Businesses into New Horizons with Neuromarketing

The Mirror Review - Phillip Lomax: Pivoting Businesses into New Horizons with Neuromarketing

Over the years, neuroscience has emerged as a vital crux for market research studies. Neuromarketing techniques have become advantageous over regular market research as it helps marketers tap into the most important facets of marketing—emotions and motivations of customers. As we transcend further into a technology-driven world, neuroscience has become one of the most purposeful assets for helping marketers and businesses unlock customer requirements with utmost accuracy.

Although neuromarketing is a significant determinant of marketing, its potentials are yet to be leveraged by marketers. “The largest enterprises in the space still had a lot to learn about how advertising works and neuromarketing was not being fully leveraged,” believes Phillip Lomax. Phillip’s encounter with the concept of neuromarketing made him realize its significance in the market sphere.

Decorated Work Profile
Phillip was educated in international schools around the world and holds a decorated career portfolio. He received a Presidential Scholarship to attend Cornish College of the Arts where he focused on Acting for Theater and Musical Theater and graduated Cum Laude with Honors. In 2011, Phillip participated in Fox Networks’ The X Factor where he finished 4th in the Men’s category. He also raised over $450,000 for various charities and has showcased his singing talent at renowned platforms such as Frank Sinatra’s Bachelor Pad in Palm Springs and many more. He further ventured into hospitality as a Front Office Manager. and took over 24/7 operations of a hotel property in Seattle.

Phillip further broadened his business development skill set with the team of Uber Eats where he established partnerships with thousands of restaurants and enterprise chains for 3.5 years. By the time Phillip exited the company, he was one of the top 3 salespeople—in terms of accounts signed and revenue for the tech giant. While at Uber Eats, he attended Harvard Executive Education classes for 2 years and earned a grateful experience…

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