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MEDIABRIEF: THE MASTER’S VOICE PODCAST – Dr Duane Varan, CEO-Founder MediaScience; ex director Disney Media & Advtg Lab

Dr Duane Varan featured in mediabrief's podcast

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This, the 37th episode of The Master’s Voice on features someone who’s in an area of advertising wherein consumer attitudes, opinions and reactions are carefully collected, analyzed, tallied, and held up to the light – Dr Duane Varan, Ph.D., CEO and Founder of MediaScience; former director of Disney’s Media & Advertising Lab; professor at the Audience Lab at Australia’s Murdoch University, and has is a pioneer in the field of market research.

Anyone in the business of marketing, and in the quest for inputs to help the most effective marketing, must reach out to Duane and his team. And in this episode of The Master’s Voice, Duane, as both — a business- and thought-leader — has a compelling story to tell, and a roadmap for achievement that I’m convinced the professionals who listen to The Master’s Voice would find informative and inspirational.

Duane is the incisive professional who’s provided detailed and insightful guidance on questions as varied as: Is my ad campaign more effective on OTT or linear TV?; What methods of sponsorship produce brand-lift?; Which entertainer is making the biggest impact on our program?; Which content produces the strongest brand memory?; Do interactive ads increase purchase intent?, and numerous others.

And hey, they’re the kind of people who love listening to the problems of marketers. Because Duane and his team mainline on actually illuminating the media journey through science, innovation, and integrity
A graduate of UT Austin, Dr. Varan’s privately-held companies are on the cutting-edge of tracking persuasion: MediaScience, a global pioneer in lab-based research integrating neurometrics, facial coding, eye tracking, reaction latency testing and other advanced methods including AI and machine learning, and HARK Connect,its QualTech™ qualitative research streaming and AI platform.

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