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New IAB Study Reveals Five Misperceptions About Video Game Advertising

The new IAB study of over forty brands, agencies, ad tech companies, game developers, and publishers conducted in partnership with MediaScience, reveals that investments in gaming are not nearly at the levels they should be due to five lingering misperceptions.

State of Data 2022 Part II: Preparing for the New Addressability Landscape

We address the impending future of the new privacy landscape concerning all major companies with a digital presence.

How will privacy legislation and depreciation of third-party cookies impact data collection, addressability, measurement, and optimization for digital advertising and marketing?

Report: TV Has the Unique Ability to Make Memories

We partnered with Comcast Advertising to create a report, TV Makes Memories, highlighting how ads in a TV environment have the unique ability to drive recall for viewers. This study explores how different types of ad exposures drive engagement and impact memory.



MediaScience, the Leading Media and Advertising Innovation Research Firm, will be attending Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2023! Exciting news! MediaScience, the top Media and Advertisers Innovation Research firm, is proud to announce our...

Leading Authority on How Science is Changing Business

Leading Authority on How Science is Changing Business

Dr. Duane Varan discusses how neuroscience is changing business and AI’s growing role as a foundational technology in the world of marketing. He gives a deep dive on how AI and Machine Learning are rewriting the book on consumer research and provides informed predictions on how this will impact everything from advertising campaign creation to product development cycles.

BRAND MARKETING BLOG: Dr. Duane Varan Interview

BRAND MARKETING BLOG: Dr. Duane Varan Interview

The CEO of MediaScience, a lab studying marketing through neurology, talks with Colin Finkle about bringing scientific rigor to branding. Branding happens in the mind; our propensity to track reputations and use our experience with people and organizations to guide...

Understanding the role of short-form ads

Understanding the role of short-form ads

NEW YORK: Short-form ads that last approximately six seconds offer distinct benefits for brands, but should be used as part of a “portfolio” with more traditional, longer formats. Duane Varan, CEO of research firm MediaScience, made these recommendations during a...

Finding Out What Voters Really Think About Presidental Debates

With the 2020 presidential campaign season underway, a new cycle of debates has been set in motion — complete with perpetual analysis as to what transpired in each. But the accuracy of polls and post-debate surveys are limited by their dependence on voters’ stated...

Evaluating TV’s Enhanced Role In A Full-Funnel Environment

The lines are blurring between TV’s role as a high-reach, long-term brand builder and a short-term targeted sales activation platform due to the growth of addressable TV households. According to the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB), 54% of U.S. TV homes can receive...

MediaScience Launches New Division HARK Connect

Austin, TX, January 29, 2020 HARK Connect, a division of MediaScience, advances qualitative research to take advantage of digital technology harnessing control over information and enhancing the total experience for clients, moderators and facilities. The company...

Understanding the impact of short-form ads

Shorter form ads can at least match the performance of 15-second commercials on various important metrics for brands, according to a paper published in the Journal of Advertising Research (JAR). The analysis was written by Duane Varan (from research firm MediaScience)...