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Understanding the role of short-form ads

NEW YORK: Short-form ads that last approximately six seconds offer distinct benefits for brands, but should be used as part of a “portfolio” with more traditional, longer formats. Duane Varan, CEO of research firm MediaScience, made these recommendations during a...

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MediaScience Launches New Division HARK Connect

Austin, TX, January 29, 2020 HARK Connect, a division of MediaScience, advances qualitative research to take advantage of digital technology harnessing control over information and enhancing the total experience for clients, moderators and facilities. The company...

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Understanding the impact of short-form ads

Shorter form ads can at least match the performance of 15-second commercials on various important metrics for brands, according to a paper published in the Journal of Advertising Research (JAR). The analysis was written by Duane Varan (from research firm MediaScience)...

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