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552 7th Ave Suite 302 New York, NY 10018

October 20th

9:30am – 12:00pm

Join us in elevating the media and advertising realm to new heights at the MediaScience Industry Event. Bringing together visionary individuals, esteemed researchers, and seasoned business professionals for meaningful dialogues that spark innovative ideas and synergies across the industry. Delve into the inner workings of MediaScience tech with a guided lab tour, and immerse yourself in engaging discussions curated by Dr. Duane Varan, CEO and Founder of MediaScience, regarding attention measurement and the advancing landscape. Further enrich your perspectives through fireside chats with our esteemed guest speakers as they delve into the exciting world of the State of Data in 2023 and the latest breakthroughs in CTV research. Fueled by collective insight and pioneering spirit, this is truly an unparalleled opportunity to take part in the journey toward industry excellence. “

You can expect:

Interactive Discussions: Featuring Dr. Duane Varan and guest speakers discussing attention measurement, advances in CTV research, and addressing the evolving media and advertising landscape

Collaboration: Visionary individuals, esteemed researchers, and seasoned business professionals, all coming together with the shared aim of fostering collaborative ventures, sparking innovative ideas, and engaging in meaningful dialogues.

Guided Lab Tour: Embark on a journey through our technology during an enlightening lab tour, take part in a guided tour and experience the process behind our data-driven insights first-hand. With interactive demonstrations you will get a glimpse into the advanced capabilities of custom research platforms.

Breakfast: Enjoy an array of breakfast foods and treats during the tour.

Fueled by industry leaders’ collective insight and pioneering spirit, this is truly an unparalleled opportunity to take part in elevating industry excellence.


Media Science

Duane Varan is shifting the industry’s focus from measuring “attention” to “inattention.” By emphasizing the limitations of using “eyes on screen” as the sole measure for attention, he highlights that there are several types of attention that impact viewer experience, which a single metric approach can not explain. Inattention is a more dependable construct that enables further exploration of the other factors that explain brand impact. Exploring the significance of a multi-tool approach when looking into factors such as Distraction.

Media Science

Dr. Duane Varane

MediaScience CEO

Guest speakerS

Justin Fromm will highlight the essential findings of the successful partnership between Samsung Ads and MediaScience. The presentation will delve into the various metrics employed in the study, including display ads and their effectiveness in enhancing brand recall. Additionally, Justin will share his expertise on custom CTV research platforms, elucidating the impact of viewing behavior on audience engagement.
Media Science

Justin Fromm

Insights, Samsung Ads

In a fireside chat moderated by Phillip Lomax, IAB Members Angelina Eng and Chris Bruderle will highlight the key insights from their white paper, State of Data 2022: Preparing for the New Addressability Landscape. In addressing pressing concerns and issues resulting from changing privacy laws, the report examines scalable solutions and effective strategies for marketers to reach audiences while protecting consumer privacy. The speakers will be highlighting the need for transparency, consistency across regulations, and an industry shift towards investing in First-Party Data.

Media Science

Angelina Eng

VP Measurement,
Addressability & Data Center, IAB

Media Science


Vice President,
Industry Insights & Content Strategy at IAB

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