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Not all Digital Video is Equal

Premium digital environments matter, but how does premium digital video compare?

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Think Premium Digital is an industry organisation designed to help marketers and their agency partners in the increasingly complex world of digital media. Think Premium Digital is a subdivision of the Premium Content Alliance.

Earlier in 2021, Think Premium Digital proved through MediaScience research that advertising in premium digital environments matters and is more effective for advertisers.

Now, we dive into the world of premium video to see how it stacks up against user-generated and social video. They set out to see the difference in sales impact for video advertising in BVOD and short-form video in premium environments in comparison to Facebook and YouTube.

Firstly, what do they mean by “premium digital“?

There’s digital and then there’s premium digital, a descriptor for environments that have ALL of the following attributes:

  • Premium, professionally produced content
  • A media brand that people know and trust
  • Brand safe environment
  • Meaningful scale for advertisers

In Phase one of the research it was proven that:

  • Short-form video in premium digital environments delivers 1.8x higher recall than Facebook video
  • Short-form video in premium digital environments offers 1.8x better recall and 2.8x the brand lift than run-of-internet sites

Commissioned by ThinkPremiumDigital, The Benchmark Series has been undertaken by Dr Duane Varan, CEO of MediaScience, an independent audience research lab. The new results from The Benchmark Series – Australia’s largest cross-media advertising effectiveness study – definitively prove that video advertising within premium digital content creates superior memory retention.

Building on from the results in phase one, phase two findings include:

  • People enjoy the same ad more when it’s run in BVOD compared with YouTube or Facebook
  • Ads in BVOD have 1.3x greater unprompted recall than any content length on YouTube
  • Ads in BVOD deliver 4.7x better unprompted recall than ads in Facebook video
  • Ads in BVOD deliver 2.5x better prompted recall than ads shown in run of internet short-form video