The Longest Running Media Research Consortium

In recognition of the rapidly evolving media landscape, Beyond :30 was conceived as an exclusive research consortium to address the urgent issues facing the industry.

Since 2005, Beyond :30 has conducted over 70 studies, exploring 50+ new ad models across more than 15,000 test sessions in an effort to get ahead of the curve by anticipating and answering the most pressing media and marketing questions. This is a collaborative project between MediaScience and the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science at the University of South Australia.

Examples of past questions Beyond :30 studies have addressed

How do ads perform across TV, online and mobile platforms?

What factors best contribute to strengthening cross-platform integration?

What are the relative strengths and limitations associated with each platform?

In an ever-growing universe of new ad models, which ones are most likely to succeed?

What issues are associated with each of the new ad models?

Does addressability for television advertising work? If so, how do you maximize its potential?

Which new online video ad models are most effective? How do these compare to more traditional ad models?

What drives viewer ad avoidance across different platforms?

How can we best encourage ad viewing?

How do we get a better understanding of the ‘two screen’ viewing experience and what leads people to switch between platforms?

Beyond :30 members include many of the world’s leading media networks, advertisers and agencies. While select Beyond :30 studies appear in top-tier journals, members gain exclusive and unlimited access to all the studies.

Benefits of Beyond :30 membership include:

Exclusive access to relevant insights

Research studies originate from the issues members are currently facing.

Research executed with a unique and scientifically grounded approach

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. We view each study as unique & devises the approach best suited for the question at hand.

Community of industry leaders

Members coming together to understand hot button issues and provide insights to optimize your internal initiatives and research investments.

Digital resources

iPhone app with mobile access to project insights, support materials, studies, in-house client presentations, etc., via dedicated website.

To learn more about joining Beyond :30, please contact us below.