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Rising Stars: Elissa Moses for Women in Tech

Rising Stars: Elissa Moses for Women in Tech

“You must be able to adapt to change instantly without notice, find new solutions and dream big by imaging what may be possible and devising a plan to get there.” – Elissa Moses

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Industry Leaders had the pleasure of interviewing Elissa Moses, the brains behind BrainGroup Global, a company that combines the best of neuroscience understanding and methods in the service of big-name clients.

Industry Leaders: How does HARK Connect and BrainGroup Global help females lead the field of science and technology?
Elissa Moses: The best way to lead is to start by showcasing role models. At HARK Connect we help connect females in the field of science and technology first by being leaders in the field. Important members of our team including myself as Managing Partner of HARK Connect, our COO of parent company MediaScience, the heads of our HARK Technicians Group and the head of our HARK Sales Team are all women in tech who lead by example and by mentoring others. We also make a practice of frequently hiring female interns.

At BrainGroup Global we have a great track record hiring female designers, copywriters, semiologists, researchers and academic partners. We also are in perpetual motion as thought leaders writing articles, book chapters, serving on panels and giving speeches to have a visible seat at one of the most important tables, which is the table of ideas.

During Covid, I collaborated with two professors from Dartmouth and Columbia and wrote a chapter on tech and the future of advertising (“The Future of Advertising: Influencing and Predicting Response Through Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neuroscience”, IGI Global 2021). On October 24, 2021, I participated in an ARF Roundtable on AI and ML. I am on the advisory board of the AI Council for the data analytics trade association I-Com and a member of the Tech Council for C200 which is a group of female CEOs and Entrepreneurs who advise women to grow as leaders. I also teach AI/ML at Columbia. It is important for those of us who are in the field as influencers to keep a high profile, proselytize, mentor and coach whenever we can.
Industry Leaders: What are the key strategies followed by you as a Managing Partner of HARK Connect and CEO of BrainGroup Global to help the tech agencies reach their goals?

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