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Report: TV Has the Unique Ability to Make Memories

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Comcast Advertising’s latest report, TV Makes Memories, highlights how ads in a TV environment have the unique ability to drive recall for viewers. This study, produced in partnership with MediaScience, explores how different types of ad exposures drive engagement and impact memory.

TV Makes Memories reveals that the strongest memories are most effectively achieved through premium long-form TV advertising – both traditional and streaming – on the big screen. The research uncovers that in the high-quality, long-form, full-screen TV environment, where visual attention is high, brands are more likely to be remembered – which influences consumers as they move towards purchase.

“Many of us know instinctually that TV ads are memorable. The jingle that gets stuck in your head, the commercials that make you laugh—all of this is the result of TV’s ability to imprint on your memory in a unique way,” said James Rooke, President, Comcast Advertising. “This research validates TV’s memorability, proving ads viewed in the long-form, lean-back TV environment have greater unaided recall and purchase intent versus the same ads shown in a short-form, small-screen digital mobile feed. Engagement is a metric that increasingly matters to our clients, and with this research, we’re showing how powerful TV and streaming are when it comes to building that engagement.”

Download TV Makes Memories for more insight on how to make your brand more memorable.

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