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How Reliable Are Neuromarketers’ Measures of Advertising Effectiveness?

How Reliable Are Neuromarketers' Measures of Advertising Effectiveness?

MediaScience is the leading provider of lab-based media and advertising research, incorporating a range of neuro-measures including biometrics, facial expression analysis, eye tracking, EEG, and more. With state-of-the-art labs in New York, Chicago, and Austin, MediaScience is discovering actionable insights in advertising, technology, media, and consumer trends.

Dr. Duane Varan, the global authority of neuromarketing research, founded Audience Labs (formerly the Interactive Television Research Institute) during his tenure at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia, in 2001. In 2005, he launched the Beyond : 30 Project, a consortium exploring the changing media and advertising landscape, and in 2008, he was approached by Disney Media Networks to set up a dedicated custom research lab on a broader scale – and so MediaScience was born. Though he officially left Murdoch in 2015, he continues to maintain some research links with the University of South Australia and has been widely recognised for his innovative contributions to teaching and the neuromarketing industry as evidenced by a long list of awards and over 90 published academic papers in his field.

Below is an abstract from one of his papers about how reliable neuromarketers’ measures of advertising effectiveness are, from the Journal of Advertising Research.

Buyers in search of new neuromarketing methods that potentially can predict advertising effectiveness face a daunting process. Vendors in this evolving industry offer a confusing range of often proprietary differences in methodology. The authors of the current article analyzed results from “Neuro 1”—the Advertising Research Foundation’s first neuro-standards trial—and revealed that there is no common truth, no single scientific reality exposed as a result of these new methods. Addressing what they believe is a need for greater transparency—even after “Neuro 2”—which used publicly available methods, the authors demonstrated how a buyer can compare the validity of different vendors’ measures.

How Reliable Are Neuromarketers’ Measures of Advertising Effectiveness?
Duane Varan, Annie Lang, Patrick Barwise, René Weber, Steven Bellman
Journal of Advertising Research Jun 2015, 55 (2) 176-191; DOI: 10.2501/JAR-55-2-176-191

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